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Great Space 



Being at Camelot Ridge Resort is truly a unique and unforgettable trip. At the center of our incredible preserve, sets our lodge, which is unlike anything you have ever seen. When you walk in the front door you will instantly be greeted with sights from around the world. Owner, Doug McComb, has been hunting worldwide for decades and all of his hunts have made for quite the showcase.


No detail was overlooked while designing Camelot Ridge Resort. We offer four private bedrooms, three eating areas, three lounging areas, and so much more! Your hunt is not only about monster bucks, but every moment spent at Camelot Ridge Resort will be talked about for years to come. After spending the day out in a blind, spend your evening sharing stories while relaxing in one of our lounging areas. Your hunting trip at Camelot Ridge Resort will be the hunt you can't wait to have again.

We have over 290 acres, with 20+ miles of trails for your enjoyment and pleasure. Enjoy everything from a bike ride to our new motor vehicles during your stay!

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