Most Recent Hunts

Ted Nugent

Ted Nugent came out to Camelot Ridge to rock a private concert and enjoy some pheasant hunting.

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Dave Watson

Dave Watson was able to join us out at Camelot and even shot a couple episodes on Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild.

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Ralph Ruffin

Camelot Ridge Resort was my first experience with a hunting preserve and did not disappoint.

- Ralph Ruffin

Mike N.

"Absolutely wonderful and knowledgeable staff. The deer are some of the finest animals I've ever seen. The lodge was beautiful!"             

- Mike N.

Andy W.

"This has been the most amazing experience. Camelot Ridge is nothing short of top shelf. These deer are nothing short of monsters! If you want a trophy buck look no further. Camelot Ridge is THE place."    

-Andy W.

Shad B.

"My experience at Camelot Ridge surpassed all of my expectations. The staff was very accommodating and the deer harvested were absolutely amazing. I, along with my deer, were well taken care of. Doug and the Camelot team made me feel welcome the entire trip. I was guided by Kevin and his knowledge and advice have me a great experience during the hunt."     

-Shad B.

Don W.

"Best hunt I've ever had . Your people were great!"

- Don W.

Rob P.

"What a great experience!! This was my first preserve hunt and I couldn't be more impressed. The hospitality was second to none and the deer were nothing short of amazing!"         

-Rob P. 

Damien R.

"There is possibly no better place in the Midwest to hunt giant Whitetail and be treated like royalty than Camelot Ridge. I've hunted the world and I promise there is not a prettier more impressive lodge in the country than the one at Camelot. The people are amazing, you come as a client, you leave as friends and family. Camelot has the most beautiful variety of terrain Indiana has to offer. Once you've hunted Camelot, it will be extremely difficult to book a hunt anywhere else! Thank you Camelot Ridge Resort!" -Damien R.

Paul F.

"Huge bucks, excellent food and accommodations and if you're lucky you might run into people like Ted Nugent, David Watson or Green Beret Greg Stube. Our whole week was jam packed with whitetails, clay pigeons, pheasants, fishing and we learned a lot from Mr. Stube etc. Average deer on state or public land is 1.5 years old average buck on this ranch is 3.5 and over so they're well taken care of and taste so much better than store bought beef!"

-Paul F.

paul fultz.jpg
Gary W.

“When I arrived at Camelot Ridge Resort I was warmly greeted by the staff. Four days later when I left, I felt as if I was leaving my friends and their home. No detail is over looked! I’ve already booked again, this time bringing my wife and grandson. Can’t wait!”

-Gary W.

gary wainwright.jpg
Randall M.

“This was truly a hunt of a lifetime! Camelot Ridge is more than what is advertised; the warm hospitality of the whole staff cannot be expressed on a website. I left with the best deer of my life, but most of all I made new friends I’ll remember forever.” 

-Randall M.

randy morse.jpg
John D.

"I can say my expectations were far exceeded upon arriving at Camelot. Brittney Lepley was introduced to me on the first day as my guide. With Brittney's guidance I was able to take a giant whitetail buck, the largest buck I have harvested in my life, and a giant doe. Overall ...the entire experience at Camelot Ridge [is] one that far exceeded my expectations. It was for me definitely the hunt of a lifetime. I am grateful to Brittney for her expertise and hard-work in making my experience one that I will never forget."

-John D. 

john diehl.jpg
Dave F.

“Lots of opportunity, great lodging, good food and great people. Would highly recommend if you are looking for a good all around hunting experience. “

-Dave F.

dave fultz.jpg

"Great job folks! Camelot provides an all around hunting destination getaway with awesome deer and bonus bird hunts combined with professional trap shooting instruction and range facility all wrapped in one stop. Look no further for big Midwest giants and stay with Doug and the crew for an unforgettable hunting experience. A+ all the way!"


Jessica Hunt.jpg

"Travis was a great guide, very knowledgeable and helpful he also taught us some tricks on field dressing the animal!"


Alex hunt.jpg